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Nice try...

Honestly I was a little disappointed. It was short, poorly coded, had too simple graphics and overall just didn't look like there was effort in it. Take some time to learn more Actionscript and work diligently on the graphics. Make it look nice, and make it work.

However, I do like how you snuck that ad in there. Sneaky sneaky.

Very Useful

I was trying to find a good tutorial on NG for the drawing API. This is awesome. Great job!


But I have to say, the music you chose has been way overused. As of now, it's in 172 entries, including this one. I'd like to hear some variety at Newgrounds. The tutorial is very well made, perfect for beginners, so good job on that. The music is much to be desired though.

Elroy responds:

I know, I was actually hesitant to use it, but there wasn't a lot of other free "elevator-ish" music out there on the web. I actually tried to make a mute button, but couldn't figure out how :P

Must... Stop... Playing!

Very well made. It has a high replay value and is very addicting. Great work!

MaxManning responds:

thanks, glad you enjoyed it. I was afraid it would get hard too quick.


It's ok, for being a tribute to The Impossible Quiz. You do have one glitch though: When you lose and click retry, the music starts over, looping over the music that's already going, so two loops of the same music are running at the same time.


I like how you've changed how you move the character, but I've seen way to many one level games.

A little dissapointed.

The graphics are great, it works perfectly, but I wish it was a little longer and if it was longer, included checkpoints every few levels or so.

But good job with what you have here.


I was wondering when you were going to put this on Newgrounds. It's a shame that I don't have the attention span to finish either one. Nice job.

Nice Idea

At first I didn't understand what to do (didn't read the directions, oops) but when I got the hang of it, I realized that this is actually a cool idea. I sure would have never thought of it.

Awesome doesn't describe it.

Very well-made rhythm game! Can't imagine how much work was put into this. Incredible work, job well done! 5/5, 10/10.
Oh yeah, consider it favorited.

XceeD responds:

Thanks :D!

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