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Entry #1

Escape the Den Hints and Walkthrough!

2008-08-07 21:23:44 by Kyjast

Don't look below if you want to figure it out yourself.

Anything to the lower left of the shelf?
Anything near the calendar?
Anything next to the computer?
What about the drawer knobs? And the little keyhole?


Grab the hook under the desk. Go to the computer (click it) and get the screwdriver at left. Note the code on the computer, and the -1111 underneath it. 10736-1111 = 9625. Get the blue key from the corner of the calendar. The code when calculated is 134. Go to the closet and get the book. At the shelf, go to the bottom right to pick up the hairdryer. Use the hook on the top level of the shelf to get the green capsule. Place the book in the shelf and pull the lever, revealing a panel. Use the screwdriver on the panel. Press the button to get the orb. Go back to the shelf and use the hairdryer on the paper, note the pattern. Then go to the outlet and use the screwdriver, get the green key. Also see that it shows to multiply the code from the calendar by 123. 134 x 123 = 16482. Go to the desk with the drawers and click the knobs to light them up in the same pattern as on the paper. Then use the blue key on the little keyhole. Enter the code from the computer, 9625, and get the purple capsule. Put both capsules in the box in the closet. A lever will appear, pull it. Leave the closet and turn right, revealing a secret door. Use the green key, enter, and place the orb on the pedestal. Enter the code from the calendar and outlet, 16482. The orb will transform into a gold key. Use the key on the door in the room to escape. The end.



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2008-08-07 21:47:48

i have the blue key, green key, hook, screwdriver, and the shaking orb and put the green pill into the hole but now im stuck

Kyjast responds:

Just updated with a walkthrough. That should help.


2008-08-07 22:03:13

thanks for the walkthrough. i wouldn't of finished without it.


2008-08-07 22:11:05

Interesting. I beat the game without finding the hairdryer. I didn't even know it was there.

Kyjast responds:

Yeah, it's not required.


2008-08-08 00:00:21

man i have been stuck all day with just the rod and the key thanks for the help


2008-08-08 01:50:11

i was so close but i didnt feel like doing the calendar math so i lose :P ty for walkthrough

Kyjast responds:

You're very welcome.


2008-08-08 05:10:35

Very cool ideas with this game. I love escape games, although I had a very hard time finding ANYTHING... it was really hard. It would have been impossible for me to finish the game without this walk-through, unfortunately. That doesn't mean I don't know what I'm doing as I've played every escape game under the sun.

Anyways, I'd love to see more of this from you in the future. Just remember, the items were near invisible to me, haha.


2008-08-08 05:59:28

Excellent game though this sorta has the classic "couldn't complete it without the walk-thru" approach. Still loved this.


2008-08-20 16:26:50

Hey I played your game a while ago, and now it got frontpaged, congrats for that!

I hope you make some more =)


2008-08-20 18:44:49

good work, I liked it a lot, lol, the walkthrough did help a few times though :)

keep it up. you seem to know what you're doing!


2008-08-20 19:02:54

I can't find the hairdryer. XD


2008-08-20 19:47:16

uh... how'd you get 16482... the calender gives 119, that times 123 is 14161...
where did you get the 143 to multiply by 123?


2008-08-20 19:50:39

ah, my bad, when you said divide by one half i thought you meant divide in half... :S


2008-08-20 22:46:38

it was really hard for me to find to screw driver but after that everything fell into place. Grade A game man.

With a sinister grin,


2008-08-21 00:03:30

UGH! I can't seem to get at that STUPID SCREWDRIVER!


2008-08-21 00:06:23

Where to the left of the computer is the screwdriver? I can't find anything and I've clicked all over the place.


2008-08-21 00:18:39

I can't find the hairdryer. Is it because I'm using Mac?


2008-08-21 10:40:23

i dont find the screwdriver! why cant i see it?!


2008-08-21 16:57:54

I see what you did with the static ;]


2008-08-21 18:06:50

Good game, wouldn't havt beaten it without the walkthough, but you made a mistake, the hairdryer is on the bottom left side of the shelf, but here you said bottom right.

Also I didn't understand what the static was about.


2008-08-22 01:56:17

i finished it without the walktrought =)9999999, ill be waiting for another awesome game of yours, this should be in front page NAO!


2008-08-22 12:09:28

Good escape game

At the end, right after the "You escaped!" screen, there's a period of snow showing on the screen, and i thought there were letters too, are they really there? iF yes, what do they say?


2008-08-23 01:30:16

i cant get the hairdryer or the other keys??


2008-08-23 01:33:23

wait you dont even need no "hairdryer?"


2008-08-23 05:55:31

Whew. I had to use the FAQ a LOT. Mostly because I couldn't find the screwdriver. Even after I knew where to look for it, I just couldn't it there. I found it by accident just randomly clicking everywhere around the screen. Looked again during a replay, and I could see SOMETHING there, like the edge of a pen or something, but it's *real* hard to see. It doesn't look anything at all like a screwdriver would in real life, even one partially obstructed and cloaked in the shadows.

And I still haven't found where it says -1111.


2008-08-23 09:11:45

Where's the "blue key?!" If I find that, I can definately beat the game.

Good game btw =). Very clean and well thought out.


2008-08-23 11:38:32

i cant get the hairdryer!!!!


2008-08-24 14:48:31



2008-08-24 19:50:20

So what was the text hidden in the static at the end? I thought for sure that there was something written there...


2008-08-25 00:00:11

i dont think you gave the right walkthrough... the walk through NEVER says how to find the purple... but when i went to find the green capsule... it was the purple... so i cant find the green one... SOOOOOO i can finish... i am very upset >:O


2008-08-25 10:38:32

Hairdryer is on the bottom left of the shelf :)


2008-08-25 10:41:40

BTW, Flashwonders, he tells you where to get both capsules. He just accidentally calls them both green.


2008-08-26 23:00:10

please respond. i dont get it you say its green but when i get the pill its purple and wheres the green one? im confused, HELP ME i have everything but the green pill and the gold key


2008-08-29 08:02:44

thank you for leaving this walkthrough, i enjoy games like this but i do not have the patience to go through them most of the time. great game, a bit creepy.... but overall fun game.


2008-08-29 17:46:34

i cant find the screwdriver >:(


2008-08-31 06:01:13

Sweet job!
Mind me helping if you do another?


2008-08-31 06:14:56

I mean, I probably won't be able to do any flash-work, but I have a shitload of ideas for these type of games, but I can't draw at all so i've never been able to make them. :'¬(


2008-09-01 17:04:17

easy to understand :)


2008-09-22 00:14:15

Great job! This was one of the better escape games I've played. Items were well hidden, and the electrocution was hilarious. Can't wait for more from you. :)


2008-11-07 23:12:44

where is the screwdriver?


2009-01-15 16:17:12

i got scared but i did it i beted your game (half of it without walkthrough


2009-07-19 13:04:03

Another thing you can do to find the code is look at the comp, and move the little box on the screen do that math and it's the same code, much easier...


2010-09-06 07:22:36

I are Happiest! Thanks Kyjast.....say WHERE did you get your name from?